Hey y’all! I’m Anna, a first year seminary student trying to find her place in the world. I am passionate about encouraging other women in growing in their relationships with Christ. I want to be your biggest fan and your greatest cheerleader through your season of life. We are called to community, and what better way than to bond through the highs and lows of walking with Christ, together!

planter wallI started this blog during my first year of college, but more as a journal. Through college, my faith has become a larger part of who I am becoming and so my blog took a turn as well: this is a place for my thoughts and working out hard lessons I’m dealing with.  My dream is that this is a place for God to work His words through my writing and thoughts.

It’s also a dream of mine that we can come together, here, and become friends. Have a safe space to grow together in Christ. Say the hard things. Celebrate the joys. “Do life together,” as a lot of people would say.

Along with documenting my growth and study with Christ, I want this to be a space where I can further explore another passion of my heart: southern hospitality. My momma used to always call me her “social butterfly” (hence the blog title) because of the way I can interact with everyone. I want to meet you and make you feel at home. Can I get you some water? A snack? Let me know.

This is an escape to find grace, love, and community. I am humbled and honored that you would take a small portion of your day to join me here. Let’s get to talking about sweet southern traditions and, even sweeter, the love of our Creator!

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