Your Friends Won’t So Neither Should You

Yesterday was a pretty terrible day. I had to leave my break at home with my family early to work, my allergies and sinuses clogged my head so much I was in a fog, and I fell asleep the night before with wet hair to find a rat’s nest on my head I couldn’t fix. So I attempted to pull myself together to make the drive to Boone and get to work.

After work, I texted my friend Spencer to see if he wanted to get dinner and drinks. Thankfully, Spencer never turns down dinner and drinks. I so needed it after my five-hour shift at work was spent in a fog in my head and I couldn’t bend over without getting dizzy.

Dinner with a friend was exactly what I needed. Spence and I hung out, ate as many tacos as we could, and laughed. He’s been one of my friends since freshman year and it’s only right to me to spend as much time with him as I can towards the end of my time in Boone.

Then, in the middle of our dinner, we were talking about pictures and Instagram captions and I said something along the lines of, “have you even noticed my hair today?! It’s a mess. I look like a crazy woman. You should just leave me here to eat alone” (…or something like that).

Spencer, oh my heart, Spencer said, “Anna, I didn’t even notice your hair. I don’t look at you and think critical things.” And I melted. How many of your friends have said that about you? How many times do you sit with your group of friends and think about how great they look, how perfect their hair is, how many of their clothes you wish you had in your closet?

If you’re reading this and you’re a female, I know it’s a lot. And you’re sitting with your friends!! You should be surrounded by people who aren’t even thinking the critical things you point out about yourself. Even better, it most likely didn’t even cross their mind because they love you for you.

Friendships like these are the ones we’re supposed to hold on to. They’re the ones that transform our lives and hearts and minds. They’re the relationships that carry over into the way that we form and maintain communities.

Think about how many friends you have. Now, think about the friends you could never speak critically about because you love them so much. That’s friendship. That’s the kind of relationship that carries over into years that become decades no matter how much distance is between you or how often you see each other.

This is the kind of friendship that is going to change the world.

xo, anna.jpg


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