Blogtember Day 1

Y’all  – I just found this “blog-tember” challenger on The Life in Between blog and I’ve really been out of the habit of blogging regularly, even though it’s my favorite way of communication and identifying with others! So, here I go, attempting to enter into this #blogtemberchallenge originally posted by Bailey Jean. I’m excited to connect with other bloggers, but also challenge myself! Today is day numero uno: introduction day! Here’s a few things that I think stick out about me.


Hey y’all, I’m Anna. I’m a senior at Appalachian State University sIMG_9573tudying Communication Studies with an English minor. I’m currently obsessed with the role of the First Lady in the White House and her role in America. I write, but I hardly ever claim myself as a writer. I’m a type-A extrovert in the truest sense of both of those words. Both You’ve Got Mail and When Harry Met Sally are my favorite movies, ever. (I also really dig Nora Ephron. I actually wrote a paper entirely on the two movies in over 10 pages during my freshman year.) I love the idea of southern hospitality – offering people a drink as soon as they come in the door, handwriting thank you notes, and still bringing hostess gifts to a dinner or when visiting friends. I’m a leftie. Gilmore Girls is my favorite TV show, hands down. I’m a
dreamer. “I see said the blind man,” and “You learn something new every day,” come out of my mouth at least three times a day, each. I touch my face when I talk. I’m big on Amaretto Sours or Vodka Cranberries right now. And, most times, I like to push the rules as far as I can. Cheese is my favorite food. I’m a total Maxxinista (and I’m not ashamed). “Grace abounds” is my very favorite phrase right now.

xo, anna.jpg


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